F1 boss: 'Perez should put more pressure on Lewis'

27-10-2021 11:21 | Updated: 27-10-2021 13:50
by GPblog.com
F1 boss: 'Perez should put more pressure on Lewis'

Expectations were high last year when Sergio Perez signed a contract with Red Bull. Finally, Max Verstappen would have a teammate who could play the perfect wingman. Finally, Verstappen would have someone alongside him to fight with for the constructors' world title. But alas, things were very different for a long time

Solid and strong

Despite his win in Azerbaijan, Perez had a pretty hard time settling down at Red Bull. But the tide seems to have turned, as his strong performance in Austin at the US Grand Prix (without water!) proved. "Checo was best of the rest", F1 chief Ross Brawn also remarked. In his column on F1.com he writes that he is happy that the Mexican is becoming more and more consistent.

"He had a bit of a shot at pole on Saturday and turned in a pretty solid and strong performance on Sunday, despite feeling a little under the weather. If he does that every weekend, Red Bull will be delighted. It would have been nice if he could put a bit more pressure on Lewis, but those two (Lewis and Max) were in a class of their own.

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