'Verstappen already has two fingers on the World Championship'

27-10-2021 08:18
by GPblog.com
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'Verstappen already has two fingers on the World Championship'

Max Verstappen dealt a psychological blow to Lewis Hamilton in America, according to Damon Hill and Tom Clarkson in the Formula 1 Nation Podcast. The championship is not decided yet, but Verstappen and Red Bull have taken an important step towards the title.

Verstappen can already smell the title

Prior to the United States Grand Prix, Mercedes were designated as the favourites for the victory. In the end, however it was Verstappen who took pole and victory on the Circuit of the Americas. A big step towards the world title, according to the former world champion.

''I think Max will feel like he's got two fingers on the trophy. It's not a whole one hand grip or two hand, but it's definitely two fingers and I think he'll know that. And I think they'll be a releasing on pressure going into the next few races," Hill said.

Boost for Red Bull

''I don't think the points stat is relevant. 12 points can ebb and flow, We're going to see many more twists and turns. The points don't matter, but to best Lewis at his track, a Mercedes strong-hold, but to have the fastest car here is a huge huge psychological boost and they'll ride that for awhile," says Tom Clarkson.

Of course, the victory in Texas was a boost for Red Bull, but Hill also argues that Red Bull are enjoying at all that they can finally compete for the title again. ''It was great and that's what they love. They relish it, they love the challenges. I've been trying to rack my brains to think when I've seen a title lead change this much during a season. It's a real switch back, maybe it's Piquet Mansell, how long do you have to go back," asks the Brit.

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