'When they're under pressure and can't decide themselves, Mercedes loses its way'

25-10-2021 18:08 | Updated: 25-10-2021 19:54
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'When they're under pressure and can't decide themselves, Mercedes loses its way'

Lewis Hamilton failed at the United States Grand Prix to overtake Max Verstappen in the closing stages of the race. Mercedes had calculated that in the last three laps of the race he would have the chance to fight with the Dutchman for the victory. According to Allard Kalff and Kees van de Grint it was an impossible mission for Hamilton.

"I think, when they are under pressure and they can't decide for themselves, they lose their way at Mercedes. I saw another strategic blunder yesterday, because they came in way too late after Verstappen was in", says Kalff in RTL GP Slipstream.

Van de Grint agrees. "They made a mistake and also at the second pit stop they waited too long. A child could actually calculate that despite the fact that Hamilton was faster, he was never going to make it. I think Mercedes should have anticipated immediately, then the damage might have been more limited. If you look at how far behind he was and how much he had to make up, he had zero chance."

Mercedes did not take into account a formidable Verstappen

Towards the end of the race Verstappen managed to increase his pace slightly, keeping the gap to Hamilton constant. "What they didn't count on at Mercedes was the formidable driving of Verstappen. He had a consistent pace and he did very well towards the end by recharging the battery. When it came down to it, he had that speed, because at one time it stayed the same, even with older tyres", Van de Grint continues.

"Bottas doesn't pass any McLaren, doesn't pass any Ferrari, he basically has a colorless race ending in the second half of the top ten. If he can't even get past those cars with a Mercedes, how much hope do you have that Hamilton is going to pass Verstappen", Kalff says. "How can you think you can overtake in the last three laps? Never", adds Van de Grint.

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