Is that the last engine penalty for Bottas at Mercedes? "I really hope so"

24-10-2021 23:19 | Updated: 24-10-2021 23:36
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Is that the last engine penalty for Bottas at Mercedes? I really hope so

Valtteri Bottas took his third grid penalty in four races as Mercedes were forced to instal yet another new internal combustion engine (ICE) in his car. Bottas failed to progress through the field in the United States and finished with a P6 and eight points. The man from Finland hopes this is the last engine penalty. 

Mercedes engine

With the World Championship battle being so tight between themselves and Red Bull, Mercedes are having to push their engines harder than ever before. There seems to be an issue with the [ICE]. But Bottas is crossing his fingers that problem is solved. 

"I really hope [it's the last penalty]. It's been now three times in four races so I really hope so. The car felt good today, a good feeling in free air," Bottas told Sky Sports after the race in Austin, Texas. 

Bottas feels the race went as expected. "I would say it was more or less what I expected. I always knew it would be difficult with these temperatures and following cars. When you take the engine penalty, you get behind cars that are slower, not that much slower but it's not easy to overtake. No help from safety cars today," Bottas added. 

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