Perez P3 but struggled: "I couldn't keep up with Verstappen and Hamilton"

24-10-2021 22:49
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Perez P3 but struggled: I couldn't keep up with Verstappen and Hamilton

Sergio Perez experienced the most physical race of his entire career. He finished in P3 but highlights how he couldn't keep up with his teammate and Lewis Hamilton at the end of the race. He finished 42 seconds behind. The Mexican secured a podium for the second race running as his form for Red Bull improves going into the final stages of the 2021 season. Despite the positive result, he says it was a "horrible one" because of the lack of fluids. 

In addition to the lack of fluids, Perez reveals he was ill ahead of the race. "It was a horrible one. I was suffering from diarrhoea in the morning I don't know. So, I hydrated myself well. But from lap one onwards I ran out of drink and the first stint I was struggling to make things properly losing strength. The last 30/40 laps were tough," Perez said in a conversation with Sky Sports

Form improving

In contrast to previous seasons, it was Lewis Hamilton who had to fight alone. Valtteri Bottas dropped back five places with a grid penalty, and Perez's strong Saturday ensured that Mercedes had their hands tied somewhat for strategy options. Perez's form has improved and he feels confident ahead of his home race. 

"We have a nice boost but I am so much looking forward to Mexico. It's a shame I couldn't keep up with Lewis and Max. Mexico should be a good track for us," Perez added.

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