Button: 'This time it's Hamilton who will be on the attack'

24-10-2021 13:21 | Updated: 24-10-2021 16:09
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Button: 'This time it's Hamilton who will be on the attack'

In America tonight Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will start from the front row of the grid. Red Bull Racing were very close to P1 and P2 with both cars, but Sergio Perez fell just short of the second spot on the grid. Jenson Button expects the Mexican to play a role, but the eyes will be on the two title rivals.

"The times they've been on the front row and they've had a moment at the start of the race, it's always been Max on the inside. This time it's Lewis so I'm guessing he's going to be the one to throw it up there. It's going to be an interesting one. Who knows, Checo could get in the mix, there's a tow up to Turn one and it could be enough to get past Lewis," the former world champion explained to Sky Sports.

Attacking in the opening stages

The first corner in Austin will be very important. It's uphill and it will be difficult for all 20 drivers to get through the first lap damage free. Button thinks that the top teams will want to survive the first lap, and try to make the most of the laps that follow.

"Hamilton will hope to get close enough on that first lap. The tow here is big and we've seen their straight-line speed. He's going to be trying his hardest to get it done early because once you settle into a rhythm, it's a lot more difficult to make a move," said Button.

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