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Hamilton sees progress in Formula 1: 'It's great to see that reaction'

Hamilton sees progress in Formula 1: 'It's great to see that reaction'

23-10-2021 18:27 Last update: 23-10-2021 18:27


Previously, it seemed that championships like NASCAR and IndyCar had the upper hand in the United States, but Formula One is gaining popularity. According to World Champion Lewis Hamilton, this is due to the effort of Liberty Media and the Netflix series 'Drive to Survive'.

The Netflix series revolving around the Formula One circus is widely watched around the world, including in the United States. Due to the success of the series there will be a second race in the US next year, namely the Grand Prix in Miami. Hamilton feels that the interest for the sport is growing because of the efforts by Liberty Media.

"There is never enough sports. They always want more, more action. The progress I have seen over these years has been huge. OOf course in these last couple of years it has been the steepest rise and more and more people are talking about it , and more and more people are engaging. It is great to see that response," said the Brit to Motorsport.com .

The communication plan seems to work

The great interest in the sport is partly due to the CEO of Formula 1: Stefano Domenicali. He stressed that he wanted to focus more on the American market and he seems to have succeeded.

"What we have is a plan of communication quite strong in the US. We need to hammer information with the right channels in a continuous way. IIt will take a lot of start-up time in terms of investment, but the payoff will be huge So this is part of our strategic global communication campaign that we need to push this year," the Italian explained.

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