Steiner defends Verstappen over Drive To Survive opinion

23-10-2021 15:44 | Updated: 23-10-2021 16:31
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Steiner defends Verstappen over Drive To Survive opinion

Verstappen has made his feelings about Drive to Survive clear this week. Not everyone agrees, but star of the show Guenther Steiner has defended his opinion.

It's no secret that Drive to Survive has attracted many new Formula One fans. The Netflix series has been a huge success, introducing new viewers to the sport in a spectacular way. Sometimes, however, things get exaggerated or even storylines are invented that aren't there.

Max Verstappen has therefore said this week that he will no longer work with the makers of Drive to Survive. According to the Dutchman, there is too much fake in the series. This has gained Verstappen some criticism, but the Red Bull Racing driver has been defended by Guenther Steiner. The team boss who has become very popular through Drive to Survive.

"If Max doesn't want to be part of the series, that's his choice and I wouldn't criticise it. He's free to participate or not, it's not mandatory. Therefore, we shouldn't form an opinion about it. Of course, the fans do miss Max, because he is not only a good driver, but also feels an important character," Steiner announced during the FIA Press Conference for team bosses.

Other team bosses side with Netflix

Other team bosses however think very differently about the issue. Zak Brown and Toto Wolff are on the side of Drive to Survive. The McLaren team boss said the series is hugely important to the popularity of the sport in the US, while Wolff says sport is entertainment and that the documentary offers a new perspective. "We weren't much of a fan initially, but I was wrong. It's obviously a great success!"

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