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Analysis paid off for Red Bull: 'We've found an antidote'
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Analysis paid off for Red Bull: 'We've found an antidote'

22-10-2021 08:52 Last update: 09:27


Red Bull Racing has been clearly behind Mercedes in recent races, especially on the straights. According to Helmut Marko, a solution has been found but it remains to be seen if this will work in practice.

With a new engine in the back of the car, Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton were suddenly a rocket again on the straight. Of course, it wasn't just the new engine, but Red Bull was surprised by Mercedes' speed. After the Turkish Grand Prix, there was time to sort things out.

Red Bull has the antidote

''We have had many intensive meetings and analyses since then. In theory, we have found an antidote, but let's see how it looks in practice,'' Marko said to the Kronen Zeitung. The Austrian also argues that there is a formula for becoming world champion.

''We need two more wins and four podiums. That has to be the formula for the world title,'' says Red Bull's top man, who also sees improvement in his team's second driver. ''Sergio Perez is in good form, but unfortunately, Valtteri Bottas was also in top form,'' Marko concludes.

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