Verstappen realistic: 'Difference with Mercedes is not just engine-related'

20-10-2021 13:50 | Updated: 20-10-2021 17:22
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Verstappen realistic: 'Difference with Mercedes is not just engine-related'

Mercedes and Red Bull are well-matched this year. In the drivers' championship, Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton. In the constructors' championship, Mercedes leads Red Bull. Still, the Mercedes, especially in terms of top speed, seems to be the better car.

Mercedes with the best package

Despite his lead in the world championship, Verstappen also warns that the battle is far from over. Indeed, according to the Dutchman, Mercedes has the best package at the moment. " Mercedes have been very strong in the last few weeks and I am aware that Austin will be a good circuit for them, although we have had some good results there as well", Verstappen told

In the interview that Verstappen gives together with teammate Sergio Perez, the Red Bull drivers let it be known that they are looking at the end of the season with confidence. "I must say that I am quite confident that we can be strong in the remaining six races and that we can end the season in a nice way," Perez said.

Mercedes not only stronger from an engine point of view

The current difference with Mercedes seems to be due to the fact that Honda lacks something to the Mercedes engine, but Verstappen thinks that is an easy conclusion. "Of course Mercedes has a super-strong engine," said Verstappen. "But they also do some other things right compared to us on the way to that top speed."

Despite this, Honda has made huge strides this season, with fuel partner ExxonMobil also having a big part to play. A new fuel also provided the necessary time savings. "It's hard to put a figure on it, but it's clear we've made a good step together. And it's certainly not just the ICE, everything in the engine has improved. In that respect, the commitment is beautiful to see and it's great that we are able to get closer and closer to Mercedes in terms of power."

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