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Honda hopes for three more wins: 'We need to do well there'
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Honda hopes for three more wins: 'We need to do well there'

19-10-2021 08:55 Last update: 09:03


With six races to go Honda's farewell to Formula 1 is approaching and those last races will determine how Honda can finish. Will it still win a world title or will the engine supplier with Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen miss out on the top prizes?

Honda is embarking on their farewell tour in Formula 1. Although people within the company indicate that Honda might not be gone from F1 forever, the legendary brand will stop for a while at least. The Japanese brand would like to end their career with a world title, but there is still some work to be done to achieve that.

Three wins for Verstappen

''There are still six races to go with a race in America first. Of course with Max we still want to be in the lead when we go to Mexico and Brazil. Then you have Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi we want to have developed in such a way that we are the best team again'', says Masashi Yamamoto to AS-web.jp.

Honda's top man thinks the team can take three more victories. Besides Mexico and Brazil, he also hopes for a win in Abu Dhabi. ''There we had pole last year. I don't know with Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi we can have good races and hopefully that will lead to a good final result'', Yamamoto concludes.

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