Former teammate of Vettel left surprised: 'He never did this before'

18-10-2021 07:06 | Updated: 18-10-2021 09:31
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Former teammate of Vettel left surprised: 'He never did this before'

Sebastian Vettel threw away a possible points finish in Turkey by going for slicks. Mark Webber was amazed that his former teammate did this. He never expected this from him.

During the Turkish Grand Prix, it rained from time to time, but the track never dried out fully. At the end of the race, there seemed to be a dry line, but there was never enough grip. Vettel wanted to take the gamble with Aston Martin, but it turned out wrong. Webber understood little of his action.

Bold action of Vettel

''I actually liked it, because normally he never did this. He never made the first decision. He was always looking for someone to serve as a guinea pig. He was trying something incredible now. I had no idea what he must have been thinking,'' said the Australian at the Formula 1 Nation Podcast.

''The team cares about those few points, but that doesn't matter much to Vettel. He wants to have a big success. However, the dryline was so narrow that overtaking had also become very difficult. It was a daring attempt, but within fifteen seconds it was already clear to him that he had made the wrong choice. Compliments for the attempt though'', concludes the former teammate of Vettel.

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