Long calendar a problem? "I consider it a positive signal"

17-10-2021 16:15 | Updated: 17-10-2021 16:30
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Long calendar a problem? I consider it a positive signal

If it is up to Frederic Vasseur, 23 is the maximum number of races that will be held per season. The Frenchman thinks that more races will not necessarily generate more income. He also sees possibilities in shortening the length of a Formula 1 weekend.

Calendar is getting longer

From 2022 onwards, with the addition of Miami and recurring races, the Formula 1 calendar will count 23 Grands Prix. The opinions about the longest calendar ever in history are divided among the team owners. Alfa Romeo team boss Vasseur is trying to get as much positivity out of it as possible.

"I think we have to be realistic that we can't expect to do more races, to generate more revenue, in a smaller period without triple headers but at one stage it's not possible. For sure that we have to perhaps reduce the weekend, the duration of the weekend and to have a three-day event but at the end of the day, I think also that we have to be happy with the success of the F1 and that we are doing step forwards," Vasseur said as quoted by FormulaRapida .net.

Positive signal for Formula 1

The calendar has grown in recent times following the additions of the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Miami and, for example, Emilia Romagna. According to Vasseur this is a very positive sign for F1. "we have more and more demand for the F1 and we have to see it as a positive that we don't have to complain about the fact that we are doing too many races," Vasseur continued.

"For sure we have to find a solution, to accommodate for everybody but I take it as a positive message," concluded Vasseur. Turkey and Portugal also seem to be looking for a permanent place on the calendar after two races due to the coronavirus.

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