Horner: "Hope for an incredibly boring championship with us in the lead"

16-10-2021 16:27 | Updated: 16-10-2021 18:40
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Horner: Hope for an incredibly boring championship with us in the lead

As the end of 2021 approaches, all teams are far from fully engaged in the season ahead. In 2022 the cars will change dramatically, so it is essential to divide the time well between 2021 and 2022 says Christian Horner.

The Formula One cars will look significantly different in 2022 which means the teams are working on a balancing act when it comes to time allocation. Red Bull Racing is trying to take their first title since 2013, so they don't want to just stop developing the 2021 car to work on the 2022 car.

Working on two cars at once

"It's incredibly difficult, we are concentrating with the entire race team for the full 100% on the current season," Horner informed the German newspaper SportBild. "The development team has been working on the car for next season for months, now we are adding the production for next season."

"It's hard to do all that well without losing sight of the current season. The crux for success, as far as I'm concerned, is mainly in the planning," continued Red Bull's team boss.

Expectations for 2022

"To be honest, I would prefer an incredibly boring championship with us leading," he continued. But Horner knows it's probably going to be a lot more exciting than that. He is therefore not only taking Mercedes into account, but also sees Ferrari, McLaren and Aston Martin as teams that can battle it out with Max Verstappen a Sergio Perez.

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