Vettel critical of FIA plans: 'This is only my opinion'

16-10-2021 09:45 | Updated: 16-10-2021 10:35
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Vettel critical of FIA plans: 'This is only my opinion'

Formula 1 will have another record 23 races next season, with the FIA trying to grow the sport around the world. Sebastian Vettel thinks the expansion of the racing calendar is a bad thing, he tells

The German argues that it is important for the teams to have enough rest as well."This is only my opinion, and it's not worth anything, but I think we should not have that many races," Vettel began. "I think one, maybe it's too many races for the people to watch. It's not special any more, if there's that many. And second, I feel for the staff. Us drivers, we are at the good side of things: we can arrive on a Wednesday night and leave if we find a flight etcetera on a Sunday night, but the team already has a lot more stress."

Vettel realises that the FIA is not going to listen to his opinion. "I'm not in charge and obviously there's some other interests, but it’s just making sure that people have a balance between their life at home and the time spent away. II think it should be a number of races that is sustainable for keeping your passion for many years and not being, you know, sucked out after two or three years."

Vettel expresses opinion on countries on race calendar

The Aston Martin driver stated earlier this week that the FIA should look more critically at the countries where the Grands Prix take place. According to Vettel a number of countries on the race calendar are against human rights.

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