Williams has no more time to lose: 'We're not sitting here'

16-10-2021 07:19 | Updated: 16-10-2021 08:34
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Williams has no more time to lose: 'We're not sitting here'

Formula 1 has been working for years to make the sport sustainable, but for now most plans are still in the pipeline. Jost Capito thinks this should change soon and takes the initiative as much as possible, he tells Motorsport.com.

The Williams team boss thinks it is important that Formula 1 teams switch to sustainable alternatives sooner. Williams wants to set a good example by being climate positive from 2030 onwards, by which the team invests in the future.

Williams wants sustainable changes

Capito believes that the FIA is moving too slowly for the time being. "I'm sure there will be talks about this, but we're not going to wait for those talks to happen," he judges. "We are making our own route. That's why we spent six months developing our own strategy, we also brought in external help who helped us. They provided us with some pretty good insights and showed us what we can do."

"We're not sitting here waiting for them to give us a rulebook," continued Capito. "As Williams Racing, we want to come up with an initiative ourselves and we want to follow through. The wind tunnel will definitely be part of that."

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