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Red Bull slower: 'That would go some way to explaining Horner’s observation'

Red Bull slower: 'That would go some way to explaining Horner’s observation'

15-10-2021 12:50 Last update: 13:40


Max Verstappen, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko expressed their concerns about Mercedes' top speed after the Turkish Grand Prix. According to Mark Hughes, those worries are more than justified, he writes for The Race.

Hughes explains where Mercedes has improved in recent months. "What the Merc Silverstone upgrade appeared to be about was altering the emphasis between underfloor airflow and that going around the sidepods. In that way, it was seeking to energise the floor more, as on a low-rake car it’s naturally limited in the negative pressure it can create compared to a high-rake concept."

"If Mercedes succeeded in doing that it will have allowed the optimum wing level for any circuit to be lower," continued Hughes. "Downforce created by the underbody is far less draggy than that created by the wings. That would go some way to explaining Horner’s observation about the difference in straight-line speeds between earlier in the season and now. In conclusion, Verstappen is right to be concerned."

Hamilton and Verstappen in world championship

For now, the difference between Verstappen and Hamilton is just six points in favour of the Dutchman. The Grands Prix of the United States, Mexico and Brazil follow in the coming weeks.

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