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'Hate' between Hamilton and Verstappen: 'This title is too important'

'Hate' between Hamilton and Verstappen: 'This title is too important'

15-10-2021 09:38 Last update: 12:07

According to René Arnoux, there is indeed hatred on the track between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Frenchman doesn't think it's the same off the track, but the rivalry on the track will only increase further as we close in on the end of the season.

Red Bull provides a title fight

Verstappen and Red Bull Racing have managed to challenge Mercedes in 2021 for the first time in years. This has also put the pressure back on Lewis Hamilton and set the stage for a title fight. The battle between Hamilton and Verstappen has already caused a number of incidents, but according to Arnoux that is part of the game.

"Thanks to Hamilton and Verstappen, we finally have fun again. I think the battle will last until the last race and it will be settled by a few points, I hope so. And I also hope that Max will win for a change, but I think Lewis will win in the end, because Mercedes always knows how to react to difficult situations," said the former Formula One driver at La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Change at Verstappen

"This year Max has changed his way of racing, as he announced at the start of the season: 'If I can, I race to win,' he said but also 'if I can, I race to score points'. I think the Silverstone crash made him think: it could have been much worse. Monza was different. They didn't risk their safety and neither of them gave up. That's what their duel is like."

"Lewis and Max know that they always have to put themselves in front of the other from the start. And they hate each other. Competitive hatred on the track, off the track I don't think. It's just that this title is too important for both of them. For Lewis it means history, but Max knows he can't waste this opportunity", concluded the seven-time race winner.

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