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Masi on COTA concerns: 'The circuit is doing some changes for us'

Masi on COTA concerns: 'The circuit is doing some changes for us'

14-10-2021 17:58 Last update: 19:33


Next week Formula 1 will travel to the Circuit of the Americas for the United States Grand Prix. There are concerns about the asphalt after the riders of the MotoGP were very unhappy after their race weekend in America. Michael Masi confirms that there will be modifications for F1.

Despite efforts to repair the track, bumps remained a problem during the recent MotoGP race at the circuit. Throughout the weekend, riders complained and even said they will not return to COTA if the safety work is not done.

According to Autosport.com the recent work was carried out without the supervision of a specialist. As a result, the work was not carried out properly. Race director Michael Masi is in close contact with the governing body of MotoGP (FIM) to find out if the identified problems will affect F1.

Circuit will be adapted for F1

The circuit was visited on behalf of the FIA. "I was on the phone to my FIM colleagues all weekend, while they were in Austin, to get a true understanding of the entire situation", Masi says the site. "And what we have actually done is that since the 2019 F1 event a large part of the circuit was resurfaced to counter some of the issues that we saw in 2019."

"The circuit is doing some changes for us to sort of address some of the concerns. They'll grind some bumps and so forth. But we've got some time to do it. So they'll do what they can within the timeframe", he finishes.

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