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Red Bull doesn't see Mercedes as a role model: We're not following anybody

Red Bull doesn't see Mercedes as a role model: "We're not following anybody"

14-10-2021 14:44 Last update: 15:18


For the first time in years, Red Bull Racing can seriously compete for the championship. Max Verstappen even leads the drivers' championship. In the constructors' championship however Red Bull has to acknowledge the superiority of Mercedes.

Verstappen extremely mature

The big star at Red Bull Racing is undisputedly Verstappen. He has been driving his teammates around the track for years. This season the Dutchman has a 127.5 point lead over teammate Sergio Perez. Christian Horner is as always praising his pupil. "Max has good balance and drives consistently, as we have come to expect from him. Moreover, he has gained more experience. That helps him," the team boss told Sport Bild.

According to Horner, Verstappen is therefore ready for the title. "The way he has applied himself and made it his own shows that." According to Horner, Verstappen is extremely mature for his young age. "He's definitely older as a racing driver than he is in his passport! But that's normal when you come from a motorsport family."

Fierce battle with Mercedes

This season's championship is a fierce battle between Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, both on and off the track. "There will always be friction. Mercedes want to defend the title, we want to finally win it again. That's the only reason we're here!"

Despite this, the relationship with Mercedes is respectful, Horner believes. "But we have little to do with Mercedes. We don't really have a relationship with each other, but still respect." Mercedes won both championships in the last seven years, yet Horner does not see the German team as a role model. "No. We set our own goals and standards. We don't follow anyone."

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