Vettel gives FIA food for thought: 'You have to ask yourself'

14-10-2021 12:03 | Updated: 14-10-2021 13:31
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Vettel gives FIA food for thought: 'You have to ask yourself'

The current Formula 1 season is taking teams all over the world. Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton, among others, campaigned for human rights in different countries. The German said in conversation with that he hopes that this will no longer be necessary in the future.

The Aston Martin driver is of the opinion that the FIA should take a more critical look at the venues of Formula 1 races. In doing so, Vettel believes it is important not to always look at the financial aspects.

"We need to find the right people to govern our sport and then take the right path into the future," he states. "Obviously there is a big financial interest in moving forward, but I think at some point you have to ask yourself how moral decisions are."

Vettel wants change on Formula 1 calendar

In doing so, Vettel points to the laws and regulations in various places around the world. "I think there are obviously countries with different rules and governments. Now I can't speak for all countries and speak as an expert because I'm not. Just of course there are certain aspects in certain countries that I think I know."

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