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Hamilton reacts to possible South African Grand Prix

Hamilton reacts to possible South African Grand Prix

14-10-2021 11:24 Last update: 13:30


In 2021 the Grands Prix in Formula 1 can be admired all over the world. The continent of Africa is not yet on the racing calendar, but the FIA hopes to change that soon. Lewis Hamilton is in favour of adding an African country.

The seven-time world champion has been seen in many places during his long Formula 1 career, but he has never driven an official race in Africa. This is not surprising as the last time such a race took place was in 1993. Back then the GP was held at the Kyalami circuit, which is just outside of Johannesburg.

The FIA hopes to organize a new Formula 1 race at the same location soon. It is reportedly intended to return to the calendar in 2023, allowing the Formula 1 circus to take place in South Africa as well.

Enthusiasm Hamilton about GP of South Africa

Hamilton is enthusiastic about a race in South Africa. The number two in the current world championship thinks it is important that it is possible to visit Formula 1 in all regions of the world. "To have a full world championship, we would have to race in Africa again," he states when asked in an interview with Speedweek.com.

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