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F1 calendar for 2022 consists of 23 races and will be presented on Friday

F1 calendar for 2022 consists of 23 races and will be presented on Friday

13-10-2021 16:10 Last update: 16:43


The new Formula 1 calendar is expected to be presented by Formula 1 on Friday 15 October. In a message from the FIA it becomes clear that a calendar is ready for 2022 with 23 races.

Formula 1 calendar of 2022

Formula 1 has been working on the 2022 calendar for quite some time and now has a calendar ready. Earlier today it was announced what the calendar will look like, with 23 races between March and November. This will be the most races ever, but in a shorter timeframe than usual because of the Football World Cup.

''The F1 Commission gathered today, 13 October, in London, for its third meeting of 2021. The FIA and Formula 1 confirm that positive discussions took place, reviewing some of the major points from the 2021 season so far, as well as looking ahead to what will be a record-breaking 23-race championship in 2022,'' reads the FIA.

More sprint races

''The Commission was presented with the draft calendar for the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship. This calendar will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council for approval on Friday 15 October.''

The message also discusses short races like the one in Belgium, where they are looking for a change in the regulations to avoid a scenario like Spa. As far as sprint qualification is concerned, no more has become clear yet. The report gave a positive signal and F1 reportedly wants to feature more race weekends with sprint qualifying in 2022.

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