How Lawrence Stroll wants to win the title with Aston Martin

13-10-2021 14:24 | Updated: 13-10-2021 16:40
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How Lawrence Stroll wants to win the title with Aston Martin

Aston Martin has big ambitions. Sebastian Vettel recently said in an interview that he has faith in the project that Lawrence Stroll has started with the team. The German expects that the team will achieve its goals, including winning the championship, in time. Lawrence Stroll tells the Beyond The Grid Podcast What he has in mind.


Driver Lance Stroll's father isn't short of cash, so the finances to realise his dreams are certainly there. Lawrence Stroll didn't hold back when he decided to build a brand new factory for the Aston Martin F1 Team. Although he prefers to call it "a campus" as the factory consists of several buildings. "This factory is so advanced that it hasn't been matched yet in the Formula 1 world," the Canadian billionaire said.

The Aston Martin factory is not yet fully complete, something Lawrence Stroll had anticipated, but COVID19 threw a spanner in the works, causing some delays. The factory will have its own wind tunnel, a separate building for the production of the parts, but a building has also been developed to keep staff morale high. "This building will include a restaurant, a wellness section and a nursery for the staff's children," Stroll reveals.


In terms of facilities, Aston Martin certainly has the potential to grow into a top team, although it will also need good staff to actually build a good car. That's why in recent months Aston Martin has been plucking good engineers from other teams, including Red Bull Racing. Even top designer Adrian Newey is said to have been approached but in vain. "This puzzle has a number of pieces, the first of which is to attract the best people. The second piece is to provide those people with the best tools and processes to compete for the title," Stroll said.

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