De Vries and colleagues heard: Formula E changes qualifying format

13-10-2021 08:32 | Updated: 13-10-2021 10:56
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De Vries and colleagues heard: Formula E changes qualifying format

Nyck de Vries was, like many of his colleagues, dissatisfied with the current qualifying format of Formula E. The management has listened to the many criticisms and, after approval from the FIA, is adapting the rules for 2022.

De Vries and colleagues are right

Formula E is known as an innovative sport and they try to convey that in many ways. For example, the qualifying format was different from what we are used to in Formula 1. Qualifying was divided into four blocks, with the order of the championship standings being maintained. This meant that the leaders in the championship had to come into action first, on a track that hadn't been driven in yet.

The fact that the championship leaders were disadvantaged caused tension during the races, but also irritation among the drivers. As a top driver you were disadvantaged because you had gained a lot of points. However, this will be changed for 2022.

New format for Formula E

According to from 2022 onwards a knock-out system will be used. The drivers will be divided into four groups of eight, with the four fastest drivers in each group moving on. This is done on the basis of a duel between two drivers. The fastest of the two goes through. The same happens a lap later with two groups of four, then a semi-final with two groups of two drivers, with finally a final for pole between two drivers.

''This is the result of the desire to simplify the racing format. We are going back to basics, but we also want to remain innovative. This format is very understandable, because everybody understands how a tennis tournament works. Visually it is attractive and on television it will be spectacular," said Chief Championship Officer Alberto Longo. The new format will be presented at the next meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on 15 October.

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