Horner disagrees with Wolff: 'People have forgotten all that now'

13-10-2021 06:28 | Updated: 13-10-2021 10:52
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Horner disagrees with Wolff: 'People have forgotten all that now'

Where Toto Wolff thinks that 23 races is too much for the employees in Formula 1, Christian Horner thinks otherwise. He makes a comparison with the past and also sees opportunities to become more efficient with the calendar.

The workload in Formula 1

In 2022 Formula 1 will run 23 races. It will be the season with the most Grands Prix and that of course increases the workload on everyone involved. Where Wolff thinks that it all becomes too much for his employees, Horner thinks that the workload will be distributed in a different way.

''Everybody has choices in life. You could go to Formula Two and do 12 races and earn half the money. I think a lot of guys in the paddock forget that 10 or 15 years ago, we went testing in January and then the drivers and their race engineers would go from race to test to race to test,'' Horner tells Sportsmail.

The 2022 calendar

In those years Horner refers to there were less races, but no limit on testing. The engineers were, if possible, therefore busier than they are now. ''In terms of work balance, we don’t see the mechanics in the factory much between races because the cars aren’t there.''

Still, Horner does think there is room for improvement in terms of efficiency. Now the F1 circus flies around the world, but sometimes that could be better. ''I think it is manageable if we are going to the right venues in the right order around the world,'' Horner is referring to arranging the races by continent.

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