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Vettel warns F1: Otherwise, this sport is in danger of disappearing one day

Vettel warns F1: "Otherwise, this sport is in danger of disappearing one day"

12-10-2021 17:25 Last update: 18:34


Sebastian Vettel is known as a supporter of sustainability and protection of the environment. At Silverstone, Vettel was on the grandstands picking up litter and he campaigns for sustainable energy production, among other things. According to the four-time world champion, the current hybrid engines of Formula 1 are useless and there should be better solutions.

His role as a Formula 1 driver and his efforts for a more sustainable and better environment are sometimes seen as contradictory, but the German has a clear opinion. "Formula 1 is not green, but we have the potential to make it greener without having to give up spectacle, excitement, speed and passion," he is quoted on Speedweek.com.

"We have so many intelligent people in this sport, we could definitely come up with great solutions. In terms of the current regulations, we have super-efficient engines, but they are useless. I think with the current discussions about the regulations of the future, it's more towards changes that really make a difference."

'F1 in danger of disappearing one day'

According to the Aston Martin driver, it is important that there is change in F1, otherwise, it will have huge consequences. "This is very important for Formula 1, because otherwise, this sport is in danger of disappearing one day. We know mistakes have been made in the past and we can't afford to repeat them."

"We have spent the last ten years developing and building super-efficient, but extremely expensive hybrid engines that are irrelevant to road cars. I estimate that these engines have easily cost a manufacturer a billion in recent years. We should use such sums for the right purpose. I don't know what the ideal solution is either, but I think it's important that we look for it and don't do nothing again for five years", Vettel ends.

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