Vettel: 'Moral compass not present in Formula 1 due to obsession with money'

12-10-2021 12:30 | Updated: 12-10-2021 14:33
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Vettel: 'Moral compass not present in Formula 1 due to obsession with money'

Sebastian Vettel isn't just racing, he's also using his fame to send out important messages about gender equality and climate protection, among other things. In an interview with The Race Vettel talked about Formula 1 and the moral compass which sometimes seems to be lacking.

In the interview, Vettel talks about various topics that are important to him. He talks about climate change, the LGBTQ+ community and the German elections. He also has some words to say about Formula 1 and they are not only praise. He is surprised about the fact that Formula 1 will race in the Middle East and tries to spread a message like 'We Race as One'. Vettel thinks it will take more than just words.

"We go to some of those places and roll out a red carpet with nice messages on it. I think it takes more than just words, I think it takes actions, but certainly, I feel our sport could apply a lot of pressure and could be of immense help to spread that fairness around the globe even more," said the 34-year-old driver.

Money is king

Furthermore, the Aston-Martin driver also criticized the obsession with money in Formula 1. Vettel feels that the moral compass is sometimes lacking because the sport only looks at the big bags of money on offer.

"There’s also a huge financial interest but I think at some points the people in charge need to ask themselves the question – does the sport have a moral compass and therefore can it say no to certain things, or do you just say yes to any big deal that’s around the corner? For the wrong reasons. That’s the bigger picture stuff."

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