Hamilton dumbfounded: "Did he really do that?"

10-10-2021 17:44
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton dumbfounded: Did he really do that?

Lewis Hamilton was told by his team to come in for a set of new intermediates towards the end of the Turkish Grand Prix. The Brit thinks it was unnecessary and when he hears that Esteban Ocon finished the race on the set of tyres he started on, he is sure the pit stop was a mistake.

Hamilton not happy with pit stop

At the French Canal+ Hamilton is told that Ocon finished the race on one set of tyres. The seven-time world champion reacts surprised and doesn't know exactly what to say: "Did he really do that?"

"If Ocondid it, then I could do it, for sure," Hamilton then says. He himself was brought in for a fresh set of intermediates with less than ten laps to go. With that Hamilton lost two positions and had to hope that Pierre Gasly would not try to overtake him.

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