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Perez wants to help Verstappen: 'Can't just rely on my luck'

Perez wants to help Verstappen: 'Can't just rely on my luck'

08-10-2021 07:22 Last update: 10:11


The pressure is on for Sergio Perez. The Mexican seemed to be on the way to a podium in Russia, but he made the wrong choice in the rain. The Red Bull Racing driver doesn't want to rely on luck in the coming races.

Still too little for Red Bull

Perez was supposed to be the experienced second driver at the side of Max Verstappen, but he hasn't quite shown that in 2021. In a number of races Perez has shown his speed, but often enough he also comes up short. In Russia it was partly bad luck, but Perez won't cite that as an excuse.

"It was hard to swallow, because we felt that we had driven a fantastic race and that we had chosen a very good strategy. We were on the podium, but then everything changed very quickly. We took the wrong decisions and lost a lot of points as a result," Perez said according to Speedweek.com.

Luck for Perez

"After the race I was at the factory in Milton Keynes and worked with the engineers. Now I think we are as prepared as possible for the rest of the races. Now we are looking forward and there are still a few Grands Prix to come. I am convinced that we will manage to turn the tide, also because we have had a bit of bad luck in the last few races."

With or without luck, Perez wants to get results in the coming races. "Of course I can't rely only on my luck. We are working very hard and doing everything we can to improve the car. I have no doubt that we will find the way to success," concluded the Mexican.

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