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Hamilton was hoping for stronger second half: 'Red Bull is too strong'

Hamilton was hoping for stronger second half: 'Red Bull is too strong'

07-10-2021 14:06 Last update: 15:41


It has been known for some time now that Red Bull Racing are developing their car further this season to fight for the title. This is not the case for Mercedes, as the German team is already targeting 2022 when the new regulations come into effect. Lewis Hamilton said that Red Bull Racing has a strong car and that it will be a challenge for him to win.

"Well we're not developing like we have in the past. There's a direction I wanted to go but we can't because we're focused on next year's car. But if you don't know your car by this time, or get the maximum out of your car then I don't know what you've been doing! But that's the same for everyone," the Brit tells Sky Sports.

Mercedes hasn't had any new updates for a while

Verstappen's race in Russia has impressed the seven-time world champion. "I was hoping for a stronger second-half but up until now, they've [Red Bull Racing] been too strong. They've been so strong in so many races, look he [Verstappen] was already in sixth or seventh place from last in the last race by lap 20. It just shows how strong the car is, no problem passing anybody. We have to face that."

"They've developed for longer than us, they've had more upgrades, I think they've had upgrades at every race. I don't know if they still are, but we haven't upgraded since Silverstone. So we're just trying to maximise everything we have. That's the challenge and we're giving it everything we can," Hamilton said.

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