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Does Hamilton expect an engine change to be necessary this season?

Does Hamilton expect an engine change to be necessary this season?

07-10-2021 12:29 Last update: 13:26


Lewis Hamilton had probably hoped to have moved on from Max Verstappen after two races at tracks that usually suit the Mercedes team. The Dutchman's worst result of the season was a grid penalty due to an engine change in Sochi, but he was able to minimise the damage to the championship. Now there is the question of the engine change for Hamilton himself.

Engine change?

At the press conference prior to the Turkish Grand Prix, Hamilton was also asked if an engine change was imminent. "At the moment I still have number two and three. It doesn't look like I'll have to use a new one, but that could change," Hamilton takes some doubts away from Formule1.nl.

Hamilton himself is quite positive about his prospects regarding a possible engine change. Toto Wolff earlier indicated that he was afraid of a retirement, and thus zero points if Mercedes would not make the change. Whether the team is prepared to take this risk remains to be seen.

100th victory

The British current world champion took his 100th race victory during the Russian Grand Prix. Something he was very happy about, and also from his environment there was nothing but praise for Hamilton's victory: "Everywhere I went there was a positive reaction".