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Albon is grateful to Red Bull: The media do enough of that

Albon is grateful to Red Bull: "The media do enough of that"

06-10-2021 19:15 Last update: 19:29


Alexander Albon will get his second chance in Formula 1 next year. At Red Bull Racing he proved not to be good enough to cope with the pressure, so he hopes to perform better in the calm. However, he feels that people should not exaggerate the pressure at the Austrian stable.

Pierre Gasly, Albon and Sergio Pérez can all agree on the level of difficulty at Red Bull. With Max Verstappen the team has a top driver who gets everything out of the car. The second placed driver therefore automatically has to deal with a lot of criticism on his performance, which Albon also had to deal with a few years ago.

Albon on criticism from the international media

The Thai state in the Formula 1 Nation podcast However, it is not the case that the pressure is impossible to live with. Albon feels that the pressure comes above all from the international press.

"The thing is, it's not like there's this thing where you've got to do this, if you don't, that's it pack your bags. Of course they want both cars to do well, that's the whole intention. They're not going to put pressure on someone if they're not performing. The media do enough of that, and talking about myself, I put myself under the most pressure. There's no added benefit on the outside. It's tricky. The way that the car is quick, is not as easy for Checo or myself than it is for Max."

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