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Sainz chauvinistic: 'I want Alonso and me to fight for wins'

Sainz chauvinistic: 'I want Alonso and me to fight for wins'

06-10-2021 14:41 Last update: 17:30


Carlos Sainz is after seven seasons in Formula 1 an established name in the sport. This season he is driving for Ferrari, where he is doing well in front of teammate Charles Leclerc. In the championship, Sainz is sixth and Leclerc seventh. But the Spaniard wants more.

Competing with compatriot Alonso

With Sainz and Fernando Alonso there are two Spaniards in Formula 1. At Marca.com Sainz shows his chauvinistic side. "I would like to see Fernando and I fighting for podiums and victories in 2022 instead of, as now, fifth and sixth places. It will be more fun for all the fans in Spain. It would be great to have a driver at Ferrari and Alpine fighting for podiums. It would be something really nice."

New cars in 2022

Before that happens, both teams will have to deal as best they can with the new rules that will come into effect next year. At Ferrari, the development of the new car is in full swing. "There are a lot of things we need to improve, but everyone is starting from scratch next season and we don't need to make up those six or seven-tenths that separate us from Mercedes and Red Bull."

Still, Sainz expects Mercedes and Red Bull to be the teams to beat next year too. "They are still at a very high level, but Ferrari has made the necessary changes. I would like to say that we will be on top, but we have to wait and see. We have to focus on what we have in hand and make sure we don't leave anything out," Sainz said.

Formula 1 has a great season

Sainz is so far very satisfied with his first season in the service of Ferrari. "I'm much better now than at the beginning of the season, that's for sure. In some races, I feel a bit more comfortable than in others, but it's coming. I feel closer and closer."

Sainz is also excited about the season in general, including the battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. "There are two drivers fighting for the world championship, not just one as before, and that makes it much more entertaining for the spectator. The podium places are also much more competitive, McLaren and Ferrari are in a nice battle. Formula 1 is a lot of fun that way."

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