Stroll and Villeneuve financials on the table due to leak

05-10-2021 16:15 | Updated: 05-10-2021 18:34
Stroll and Villeneuve financials on the table due to leak

It has been revealed today that several files have been leaked containing financial data from tax havens. The leak consists of 11.9 million files that all offer a behind-the-scenes look at how people profit from certain tax practices. These Pandora Papers are now also being linked to several Formula One personalities, according to CBC.

Lawrence Stroll

One of the names being mentioned is that of Lawrence Stroll, Aston Martin team owner and father of son Lance Stroll who drives at the team. It is reported that Stroll has a 15% stake in a company called Superwit, based in the British Virgin Islands. The same company is managed by a Polo Trust which is a known member of the Stroll family. This company would have participated in these tax practices.

Jacques Villeneuve also mentioned

Not only Lawrence Stroll is mentioned, but also world champion Jacques Villeneuve is related to the leak. He would have received his Formula 1 salaries and sponsor money through certain tax havens to ensure that he paid as little tax as possible on these amounts.

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