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What does entry Audi/Porsche look like? 'That would mean looking for four drivers'

What does entry Audi/Porsche look like? 'That would mean looking for four drivers'

04-10-2021 20:53 Last update: 22:57


In the new episode of Slipstream, the guys discuss the engine changes of Mercedes and Red Bull Racing and also the news that Audi and Porsche might come to Formula 1 from 2026. According to Kees van de Grint, it will be interesting to see what that will look like.

"Moreover, I also still think, we only have seven Grands Prix left, in my opinion, it is then seven times 300 kilometres plus a bit of qualifying. A lot more than 3000 kilometres you're not going to drive, let it be 3500 kilometres. It's a guessing game if you say you can't do that with one engine," says Allard Kalff in reaction to the engine change of Max Verstappen and Valtteri Bottas. Whether Lewis Hamilton has yet to change engines remains to be seen. "They might know more than we know," Van de Grint responds.

"But in Le Mans, you drive 5000 kilometres without any problems. An engine like that should be able to do that. Surely you should be able to build an engine that, if we're talking about green, do one engine for the whole year," Kalff continues. "But that is what they do. The engines are much more reliable. Don't forget that an engine change with Verstappen, for example, was not because of the unreliability of the engine, but simply because of the crash which caused some cracks in the block. So they did a good job. They know something we don't," says Van de Grint.

Audi and Porsche to F1

Earlier this month, news broke that the MGU-H will disappear from the current engine starting in 2026. Audi and Porsche are also said to be coming to Formula 1 as new manufacturers. "I think there is a meeting next weekend where it will be decided then. Then they say that Porsche and Audi are both ready to join. The question is: how is that meant to be? Are they going to drive with the same engine? How are they going to enter? Will they join, will they pay the money? Who are they going to supply engines to? That is a big question because if they have to pay the money, that is a big investment," Van de Grint says.

The men discuss whether Porsche and Audi might enter F1 as new teams. "It would then also mean looking for four drivers and that would be very interesting. We agree that there is too little room," Van de Grint says.

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