Unique situation Giovinazzi: 'He has this chance and he needs to take it'

30-09-2021 19:17 | Updated: 01-10-2021 00:06
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Unique situation Giovinazzi: 'He has this chance and he needs to take it'

It is still unknown who will sit next to Valtteri Bottas at the Alfa Romeo team next year. There are a number of drivers on the team's list, but it is now mainly up to Antonio Giovinazzi to prove that he deserves a contract extension with the team.

"Last year Antonio was very strong in the races and in the first round he was even the best racer of the whole field," team boss Fred Vasseur is quoted on the Dutch branch of Motorsport.com. "So last year he did very well in the races. This season he is struggling a bit more to progress after qualifying in Q1 several times. He did really well in the last couple of races and I'm happy with that, I could see that he was delivering and over the different laps he could make a move."

However, Giovinazzi has not scored any points since the Monaco Grand Prix. "Obviously scoring points is the next goal now. The last few races have been a bit trickier, but I know he has it in him. Now I'm just waiting for the weekend where he combines everything. The speed in qualifying and the race pace, from the first lap to the last."

Giovinazzi in a unique position

The Italian hasn't managed yet to turn the good results on Saturday into points on Sunday, but according to Vasseur Giovinazzi is in a unique situation. Because Alfa Romeo can afford to wait with the decision, the driver has the time to prove he can do it.

"The advantage of his position is that we can afford to wait. We are in contact with some drivers and it is up to us. It gives Antonio the chance to show he can improve. After all, he's the guy in the car who can show that he's doing well and can improve. It's a lot more frustrating when you're not in the car and you have to wait and see if the other guy does well or not. Antonio has that opportunity, and he needs to take it."

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