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Sainz starts Turkey GP at the back of the grid due to engine change'

Sainz starts Turkey GP at the back of the grid due to engine change'

30-09-2021 14:47 Last update: 15:23


There is a good chance that Carlos Sainz will start from the back of the grid at the Turkish Grand Prix. Ferrari is planning to equip his car with a new engine to give the driver more speed, according to Motorsport.com.

It's the third time Ferrari have made an engine change this season, crossing the line of what is allowed. Nevertheless, the Italian team has no choice but to provide Sainz with a new engine and accept that the Madrid driver will have to start from last position in Turkey in order to finish in the points.

Sainz will receive the same engine in Turkey as Charles Leclerc received during the race in Russia. Leclerc's data was very positive for Ferrari and the team hopes that Sainz can also benefit from the improvements. Leclerc ended the race in fifteenth position, but this had nothing to do with the engine change.

Battle between Ferrari and McLaren

The Italians are back on level terms this year after a poor season. The team is fighting with McLaren for third place in the world championship, where they are 18.5 points behind the competition. Sainz has so far amassed 112.5 points, while Leclerc has yet to score more than 104.

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