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Doubts about Hamilton's sincerity: Everyone can see it's a sales pitch

Doubts about Hamilton's sincerity: "Everyone can see it's a sales pitch"

29-09-2021 20:32 Last update: 21:38


For Lewis Hamilton the victory in the Russian Grand Prix meant his 100th victory in the premier class of motor sport. It also came later than expected for Hamilton, because he has rarely had to fight as hard for wins as he did now. According to Jan Lammers the world champion is showing his true self more and more by the fight with Verstappen.

He tells on the NOS Formula 1 podcast how he sees this. "With all due respect of course, but I think in terms of Hamilton's image this has been a bit of a problem: that in the past he has often given very politically correct, corporate statements," Lammers explained.

Doubts about sincerity of Hamilton

"Of course that's very nice and very noble, but because of that you don't see the real Lewis," the former Formula One driver continued. "Everyone sees that it is a sales pitch. With a salesman you always wonder if he is sincere and really has the device he's selling at home."

"It's a bit too much 'corporate talk' and as a result he actually puts up a smokescreen around his real self. Lately we've been seeing a bit more of his real self, I think also triggered a bit by the clashes with Max, but I think for his BLM story it's also really nice that he's showing that," Lammers said.

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