Hamilton considered cancelling Met gala after crash with Verstappen

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29 September at 18:41
Last update 29 September at 21:37
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Lewis Hamilton made no secret of the neck pain he suffered in the aftermath of his crash with Max Verstappen. He was criticised for it when he stepped onto the red carpet of the MET gala a day later, but he says he did consider foregoing the event.

Hamilton had arranged through his connections in the fashion world for a number of black designers to be given a prominent place in the room, and didn't want to let them down. "I said to one of my people, 'maybe I shouldn't go'. They replied that that would be very sad for those designers, but that I'm sure they will understand. That's when I decided I really didn't want to have to cancel on them," Hamilton explains to ESPN.

Hamilton bites the bullet

"So then I looked at what steps to take to attend, and I asked Angela [Cullen] to go with me in case it got worse or my back started seizing up," continued the world champion. "So she went with me and we worked on it on the flight there."

"On that day my back and neck were still taped up, and I underwent checks, physio and acupuncture. That took away a lot of the tension. It still felt a bit tense when I went to the Met, but with the anti-inflammatories I was fine," concludes Hamilton.