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Mercedes blames Norris for Hamilton's difficult start in Sochi

Mercedes blames Norris for Hamilton's difficult start in Sochi

29-09-2021 18:13 Last update: 21:33


Lewis Hamilton may have won the Russian Grand Prix but it was not without a struggle. He had a difficult start and fell back several places. According to Mercedes this was not the fault of their driver but of Lando Norris.

That is the opinion of Mike Elliott, technical director of the Mercedes Formula One team. "Considering the fact that he was on the dirty side of the grid, he actually had a very good start," begins the Briton in the Mercedes debrief on the YouTube-channel of the team. "He effectively worked his way to the front until Norris moved across and blocked him."

Bad start Hamilton blamed on Norris according to Mercedes

According to Elliott, Norris was suffering from de-rating, which meant his battery couldn't provide enough power. "Lewis' closing speed was higher, partly because of the tow he had and partly because Norris was de-rating," he continued. "Therefore, Lewis had to make a decision: does he try to fight for the inside line or does he brake to avoid an incident in the first corner?"

"You have to take into account that the other protagonist is driving at the back of the grid. Therefore, Lewis had to make the right decision at that moment, and that was to avoid getting involved in an incident at the first corner," Elliott said.

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