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Perez wins court case and receives millions

Perez wins court case and receives millions

29-09-2021 15:08 Last update: 16:58


Sergio Perez could be facing millions in damages, reports FormulaPassion.it. After years of battle in court with the Mexican government, the Mexican driver was proven right. Perez will receive an amount of at least 2.8 million dollars on his account.

Lawsuit against former sponsor

The legal battle began in 2019 when outsourcing company MGI Asistencia Integral became owned by oil company Pemex, which is owned by the Mexican government. MGI Asistencia Integral was a sponsor of Perez, but when the company was owned by Pemex, the sponsorship relationship was terminated despite a multi-year contract between Perez and the company. Pemex argued that the company had other spending priorities.

Perez filed a lawsuit against Pemex and now, two years and countless lawsuits later, the Red Bull Racing driver has been vindicated. The 31-year-old Mexican has been awarded $2.8 million in damages. On top of that there is a standard interest payment which will be determined by the judge later on.

Rebound after disappointing weekend

For Perez, winning the court case will be a nice boost after a disappointing weekend in Russia. For a long time he seemed to be on his way to a podium place, but by changing tyres too late in the rain he eventually finished ninth. Perez is fifth in the standings for the world title with 120 points, just under half of teammate Max Verstappen.

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