Bottas disappointed with team: 'That saved the day'

27-09-2021 09:15 | Updated: 27-09-2021 11:55
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Bottas disappointed with team: 'That saved the day'

Valtteri Bottas finished in fifth place at the Russian Grand Prix. The Finnish driver started the race from the back due to an engine change, making it a handsome performance. Bottas was personally disappointed, however.

At the end of the race it started to rain in Russia, so all drivers had to come in to change tyres. The current number three in the world championship also did this, but for his feeling this happened a lap too late. "I actually tried to come in on the lap before. I said I wanted to join, but the team wasn't ready. They told me to stay away," he said in an interview with

The decision by his team has Bottas feeling like he missed out on a podium finish. "I could have been on the podium. As it was, I was still one of the first to stop and that was the right thing to do. That saved the day. At least a few points and a lot more points than Red Bull."

Bottas in third place in World Championship standings

Bottas is entering his final season with Mercedes. The Finn did excellent business for the world championship in Russia. Where Lando Norris was in third place for a long time, Bottas has consolidated this position. He is twelve points ahead of the Brit.

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