Mercedes worried about engine: 'We have question marks'

27-09-2021 08:49
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Mercedes worried about engine: 'We have question marks'

Valtteri Bottas had to have his engine changed during the Russian Grand Prix, causing the Finnish driver to start from the back of the grid. Although there have been rumours that Mercedes did this to frustrate Max Verstappen, who also started from the back of the grid, Toto Wolff believes this is not the case at all.

The German team has serious concerns about the reliability of the engine. Bottas is on his fifth internal combustion engine, MGU-H and turbocharger, which is why Mercedes does not trust the powerplant for a while. "At the moment we are reassessing the performance of the power units because we have question marks and therefore haven’t decided which engines we’ll call back into the pool," Toto Wolff stated in conversation with The Race.

With Lewis Hamilton in contention with Verstappen for the world title, Mercedes cannot afford any engine problems. It is likely that the Briton will have to change power sources this season, although Mercedes will do so at a circuit where it has little chance of winning. "We are in a phase where we are evaluating how to continue the season in terms of the engine," said the Mercedes team boss.

Last season for Bottas

Bottas is in his final season with Mercedes. The driver will join Alfa Romeo next year, while George Russell is Hamilton's new teammate.

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