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Hamilton acknowledges Verstappen: Driving against such phenomenal talent

Hamilton acknowledges Verstappen: "Driving against such phenomenal talent"

27-09-2021 07:11

Although Lewis Hamilton recently signed a two-year deal for Mercedes, the 36-year-old is heading towards the end of his Formula 1 career. Still, the Brit feels he has plenty left in the tank and appreciates the tough talent he is competing alongside at the top of the World Championship. 

Youth against Experience

The 2021 season has all been about the magnificent title fight between Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The 23-year-old Dutchman is just two points behind Hamilton in the Championship standings. In the Russian Grand Prix, it was looking like Hamilton was going to battle with 21-year-old Lando Norris for the race victory until the rain fell. And he will be joined by 23-year-old George Russell at Mercedes next season. 

The next generation are truly knocking at the door. "It’s a magical moment," Hamilton said during the FIA press conference regarding his 100th career win in Formula 1. "I could only ever have dreamed of still being here and having this opportunity to win these races and get to drive against such phenomenal talent this late in my career and to continue to building with Mercedes, of which I’m so proud of everything we’ve done, not only on track but also off."

Praise for Lando Norris

"He’s so young, he’s got so many more wins up ahead of him. He did a fantastic job yesterday in the wet. He’s doing a great job leading that team, and look, McLaren won the last race, they’ve been very hard to beat for us all, but yeah, just blind faith at the end there. I put all my faith in my team and they called me in and I believed them," Hamilton added. 

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