Perez tried to play it safe: "That made it very difficult".

26-09-2021 16:48
F1 News
Perez tried to play it safe: That made it very difficult.

Sergio Perez spent most of the race in the wake of Lewis Hamilton and later even in the lead. He was on his way to a good result and maybe even a podium when the rain disrupted his race.

"I think we went into the pits one lap too late," he said for the Ziggo Sport camera. "At that time it was raining in the middle sector, but the rest of the track was pretty dry. So you could keep the temperature up and we didn't know if there would be more rain."

Perez and Red Bull opted not to take any risks. "That made it very difficult. We were already on the podium and I think we played it safe, but it didn't work out. We also had a slow stop. I think the race was pretty good, but unfortunately, we didn't manage to get the final result we wanted."

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