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Hamilton admits: 'Max should have won in Bahrain and Baku'

Hamilton admits: 'Max should have won in Bahrain and Baku'

25-09-2021 07:39 Last update: 08:01


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have clashed several times this season in the battle for the world title. The seven-time world champion held back at other times to prevent worse, he told De Telegraaf.

Hamilton recognises the phase Max Verstappen is in this season. "I also had a time when I was too aggressive, that I should have held back," the driver states. "For example in a fight with Felipe Massa, in which I took too much risk and damaged the front suspension. End of race. I'm much more mature now. Yes, I hold back in certain scenarios when I drive against Max. Because otherwise we would crash more often. I then try to outsmart him in another way."

Although he has years of experience in Formula 1, Hamilton says every season is different. "We are fighting against a different team, Red Bull, who have actually had an edge for a very long time. Max should have won in Bahrain and Baku, for example. Then his lead would have been a lot bigger."

Verstappen holds lead in the world championship

Verstappen will start Sunday afternoon's race at the back of the grid at the Russian Grand Prix. The Dutchman currently holds a five-point lead in the world championship, but looks set to relinquish the lead to his rival this weekend.