Wolff disagrees with Stewart: 'Verstappen's development impressive'

24-09-2021 19:15 | Updated: 24-09-2021 20:15
by GPblog.com
Wolff disagrees with Stewart: 'Verstappen's development impressive'

Jackie Stewart recently said that he believes it will take a long time for Max Verstappen to mature in Formula 1. According to the F1 legend, the Dutch driver still has a lot to learn, but Toto Wolff (together with Christian Horner) jumped into the breach for Verstappen during the GP weekend in Russia.

Horner hinted on Thursday that he disagreed with his 82-year-old compatriot. "Of course I respect Sir Jackie's opinion, but I think Max has shown great maturity this year. Of course, you are always developing, you are always learning," said the chief. "But I'm sure Sir Jackie has made some mistakes in his time as well."

Verstappen is now in his seventh season in Formula One. In 133 Grands Prix, Horner says he has shown a steep learning curve. "This is the way it goes. I think you learn from every experience and if you see the development from a seventeen-year-old when he came into Formula 1 to the driver he is today, that's pretty impressive," Horner said.

Unexpected support

At Motorsport-Total.com Wolff is also on Verstappen's side. "I want to echo what Christian said. Max doesn't drive for Mercedes, of course, so I don't know him very well, but his development is impressive - not only the speed but also the way he approaches the weekends." Despite Verstappen crashing with Hamilton at Monza, the Mercedes team boss says it is unfair to judge the 17-time GP winner on that basis alone.

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