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Haas considers remarkable plan to help inexperienced driver duo

Haas considers remarkable plan to help inexperienced driver duo

24-09-2021 08:49 Last update: 09:14


Haas chose to start the season with two rookies in 2021. An unusual plan, of which Günther Steiner now also sees the downsides. Everything was aimed at 2022, but with two young drivers, the team hardly has a guideline.

Problem of rookies in F1

Within a Formula 1 team it is generally customary to have at least one experienced driver in the line-up. With the help of this experienced driver, the car can be developed better. The driver knows what is needed from the car, where a young driver is still focused on himself.

Despite that knowledge, Haas chose to appoint Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher in 2021. They could learn in 2021, to really shine in 2022 with a completely new car and one year of experience. The question now is whether the car in 2022 will be good enough for two young drivers.

Reserve driver for Haas

Steiner is therefore concerned and is looking at other options. ''We don't have a reference at the moment that you normally have with an experienced driver. So we are not sure how we are going to do it. We are talking about this, but haven't made a decision yet,'' the Haas team boss said at Autosport.com.

One option Haas is now considering is to take on a reserve driver with more experience to help the young drivers, but even that has drawbacks. ''It's always tricky with a reserve driver, because if you give that time in the car, then you take the regular driver out and miss that time. Hopefully, we won't need that. I just hope that our car is stable enough so that they (Mick and Nikita) can get the most out of that car'', concludes Steiner, who says he will make a decision about a possible reserve driver at the end of this season.

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