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Verstappen laughs at Hamilton's comment: ''Keep looking I would say''

Verstappen laughs at Hamilton's comment: ''Keep looking I would say''

24-09-2021 07:48 Last update: 09:13

Two weeks after the Italian Grand Prix, the talk of the day is still the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The Dutchman can't be bothered about it though, and is mainly focused on the title fight he is enjoying.

Verstappen keeps it light

The whole Formula 1 world was in an uproar after the Italian GP because of the crash between Verstappen and Hamilton. The Red Bull Racing driver has quickly put it behind him. While people would still like to know what he thought about the penalty he received, Verstappen himself is more focused on the upcoming race.

''I speak for myself of course, but I didn't think I would get one. I don't agree with it either, but it is what it is. Life goes on and that's why we're here'', said Verstappen at the Weekend Warm-Up. Asked if racing incidents can still exist or if someone is always guilty, Verstappen keeps it light-hearted.

Traffic lights in Formula 1

''The rulebook gets thicker and thicker every year, so maybe at some point we should start working with traffic lights'', jokes Verstappen. ''Everyone has their own view on it. They (the stewards) obviously have a different idea than I do, but that's how the world works. Everyone has their own view and some have the right to make decisions.''

Will Buxton spoke to Lewis Hamilton earlier in the day, asking him about the duels with Verstappen. The Briton revealed that he could not recall a time when Verstappen had given up a duel. When Buxton asked about that, Verstappen was fairly clear.

''I don't know. Keep looking I would say'', says Verstappen laughing. ''I don't look back at this kind of thing either and I don't want to think about it too much. This season has been very interesting so far, so it's more fun to look forward and enjoy the year. How often do you have a duel between two teams. The last years were really boring because you already knew who was going to win. That's what I enjoy, that we can really fight for the title'', concludes the Dutchman.